Read More Of What Matters To You

Up to 1 million new books are published each year.

And that number increases to 4 million if self-published books are included.

In this vast world of books, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Between the allure of bookstagram recommendations and the temptation of bookstore and Amazon sales, your ever-growing TBR list seems impossible to conquer.
But there’s more to it than just the challenge of choice.

You yearn for stories that transport you to far-off worlds, introduce you to unforgettable characters, and leave you breathless in their wake.

You want to make the best reading choices, discover new authors, and ensure that every book you pick up leaves a lasting mark on your reader’s soul.

That’s where The Book Savant comes in.

I’m Theja, your trusty guide through the world’s literary labyrinth.

With a passion for books that rivals my need for sleep, I’m here to help you navigate the vast sea of literature. I’ve felt the weight of indecision when faced with a multitude of book recommendations, trying to decide which one to pick up next.

My mission is to empower you with the wisdom to make those challenging reading decisions, saving you both precious time and hard-earned money.

I want to help you absorb as much value from the literary world as possible.

So, let’s make your reading journey memorable, so that you can reflect back and smile at the wonderful and fulfilling literary life you have created.

Fun Facts

  • My favourite comfort TV show to binge is Friends (chandler is basically me)
  • A superpower I wish I had – reading books faster (my TBR is getting out of control)
  • My favourite genre is romance (can’t help it, I’m a hopeless romantic)
  • My definition of heaven is being swarmed by a bunch of puppies
  • My spirit animal is a panda – cute, lazy and always hungry
  • The book that launched my reading obsession is “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini
  • When I’m not reading, you can find me writing poetry.

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