Honest Review: Best Fake Fiance by Roxie Noir

by Theja Pk
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Last updated on January 23rd, 2024

In this review, we’ll take a honest look at Best Fake Fiance, the 2nd book in the Loveless Brothers Series by Roxie Noir.

This book details the friends-to-lovers romance between Daniel, a single dad fighting for custody of his child, and Charlotte, the tomboy childhood best friend. In a desperate attempt to prevent the child’s mother from getting full custody, Daniel lies to the judge that he’s engaged to his best friend.

This book started out well – for the first 20%, it was a 5-star read. But the more I read, the lower my rating got, and I really struggled to finish it.

I loved the witty banter and the initial tension between both main characters as they started to question crossing the line into being more than friends. And the narrators did a good job. But sadly, the rest of the book didn’t continue with the same level of engagement.

Best Fake Fiance – Roxie Noir

2.6 out of 5
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GENRE: Contemporary romance
PUB DATE: August 12, 2019
TROPE: friends to lovers, single dad, fake relationship

In a desperate attempt to prevent his child’s mother from getting full custody, Daniel lies to the judge that he’s engaged to his best friend.

2 out of 5
2 out of 5
3 out of 5
Overall Enjoyment
2 out of 5
4 out of 5


witty banter

sexual angst

decent narration


unlikable FMC

poor character development

several plot points didn't make sense

overemphasis on physical chemistry

Table of contents


My life has room for exactly two women: my daughter Rusty and my best friend Charlotte—known to everyone as Charlie. One is a feisty, tomboyish firecracker. The other is my seven-year-old. I can’t imagine life without either.

So when my ex springs a custody hearing on me, I find myself telling the judge that I’m engaged to Charlie.

The only problem? I’m not. Time to fake an engagement.

Pretending we’re a couple will be no big deal. We’ve been friends for years. We used to sneak cigarettes behind the bleachers. We turned cans of hairspray into flamethrowers. We got drunk on stolen malt liquor.

She’s beautiful, vivacious, spontaneous, and she loves my daughter to death. It’s the perfect answer: we fake it for a few months, then go back to our lives.

Until we touch, and sparks fly. Until I can’t take my eyes off her. Until I can’t stop thinking about what she’s got on under her coveralls.

It takes one kiss. One touch. One shared secret and suddenly, I’m not pretending anymore. I want her, I need her in ways I didn’t know I could.

But there’s a lifetime of friendship between us, and falling in love with Charlie could mean risking everything.

Why you may want to skip it


  • I tried really hard to like the female MC, but Charlotte was too irresponsible and reckless for someone written to be a potential stepmother. She leaves power tools on, forgets important dates, refuses to communicate, constantly misplaces her phone, and puts the child in danger under the guise of having fun. I understand that she was written to be spontaneous and quirky, but those traits didn’t have to be mutually exclusive to being a responsible adult.
  • I didn’t mind Daniel’s character too much. Everyone kept ganging up on him for being overprotective, but I disagreed. His reluctance to let his kid do certain things was justified, as the kid kept getting hurt.
  • No emotional development – who the MCs were at the story’s beginning was the same people they were at the end. The reasoning was written to be “Oh well, humans make mistakes,” which seemed like lazy writing.
  • It was hard to keep track of all the brothers.


  • The motive behind the antagonist is never revealed. It didn’t make sense for the child’s mother to want full custody when she barely cared enough about partial custody. I was waiting for the reason behind it to be revealed in the end, but it wasn’t. Daniel even explicitly asks her the reason, but she has yet to answer.
  • For two MCs who are nervous about the days leading up to a child’s custody hearing, I thought they would have been more cautious with the child and themselves. But it’s like they did more reckless things the closer it got to the date, which didn’t make sense because it could have jeopardized their chances in court.
  • The pacing was too slow, filled with too many sex scenes that didn’t add to the plot.


While Best Fake Fiancé started out well with witty banter and decent sexual tension, the unlikeable female MC and confusing plot points made it difficult for me to finish.

But I know everyone has different tastes, so if you like single dad, friends-to-lovers romances with some funny brothers, then this might be worth a shot.

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